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1942 dawned with the Division fated to continue in the role of border patrolwhich its currently assigned regiments had performed during World War I.Although the Division was anxious for immediate combat, its first wartimemission was to continue border surveillance as a component of the SouthernLand Frontier and the Southern Defense Command.

This video of the 1st Cavalry Division, is a film of combat activities ofthe 1st Cavalry Division during the Battle of Los Negros in Admiralty Islands.On orders from General MacArthur, the 2nd Squadron (dismounted), 5th CavalryRegiment, 1st Cavalry Division conducted a Reconnaissance in Force mission atLos Negros,Admiralty Islands. The film clip opens with Spitfire aircraft fromNo. 73 Wing, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) attacking Japanese positions inthe jungles near the beach, prior to their landing. Simultaneously, the USNavy warships bombard the area and B-25 bombers from the 345th Bomb Group, 5thAir Force, striffed and bombed the landing beach areas.

On 18 March, the 2nd Brigade crossed the river in force and drove the enemyfrom Lorengau Village. The objectives were Rossum, a small village south ofLorengau and Salesia Plantation. By 21 March, the 8th Cavalry had won control of most of the plantation, but the battle for Rossum was slowed by heavy jungle that the Japanese used to their advantage. After ninety-six hours ofbitter combat the 1st Squadron, 7th Cavalry was relieved by the 1st Squadron,8th Cavalry. The final push to Rossum was made behind heavy artillery fire andair bombardment.

With attention focused on the opening of new operations at Hauwei Island, the5th and the 12th Cavalry began working their way south of Papitalai Missionthrough the rough hills and dense jungles in hand-to-hand combat. Tanks sometimes would give welcome support, but mostly the troopers had to do the dangerous job with small arms and grenades. Two final attacks wiped out theremaining resistance on Los Negros Island. On 22 March, two squadrons fromthe 5th and 12th Regiments overran enemy positions west of Papitalai Mission.Once again it was tough fighting with the terrain, overgrown with thickcanopies of vines, favoring the Japanese. On 24 March, the 5th and 12thRegiments overcame fanatical resistance and pushed through to the north endof the island. On 28 March, the battles for Los Negros and Manus were over,except for mop up operations.

On 31 March, the 1st Squadron, 12th Cavalry moved from Lombrum Point toMokerang Peninsula and on 01 April launched an attack on Korunist and NdriloIslands which lay just off the western tip of Mokerang Peninsula, Los Negros.After land, sea, and air forces had given those islands a hard pounding, thetroopers, transported in eighteen native canoes, four captured Japanesecollapsible boats, and sixteen engineer half boats landed unopposed. On 03April, the 2nd Squadron, 12th Cavalry moved to Rambuto Island, southeast ofLos Negros, to search out and destroy small bands of enemy soldiers. Becauseof the numerous coral reefs, the troopers carried their supplies and equipmentas they waded ashore in waist-high water. On 07 April, the 1st Squadron, 12thCavalry was sent on a combat mission to Pak Island where they met lightresistance.

The Japanese had been able to put an additional 20,000 combat troops ashore on the west side of Leyte shortly after the invasion by the First Team. In acounterattack, Japanese reinforcements had landed at Ormoc Valley, on theother side of the mountain range. They began menacing the X Corps flank fromthe southwest. Accordingly,


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