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Havit Mouse Hv-ms672 Software ^NEW^ Download

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Havit Mouse Hv-ms672 Software ^NEW^ Download

As you press the button, the DPI also changes with the color. For instance, red for 800 dpi, green for 1200 dpi, blue for 2400 dpi and pink is 3200 dpi. But if you want to switch off the colors, press the Forward + Back + DPI buttons.Magic Eagle Mouse DPI ColorsThe Havit Magic Eagle Mouse boasts five DPI colors. They include red, green, blue, and pink. As its DPI changes, the color of the mouse changes.Havit DPI SoftwareThe Havit DPI is controlled by software installed on the mouse itself. You can download the software by clicking on the Havit website and scrolling through the Download section.

Sadly, you cannot set the macros on the Havit Mouse. But you can set the macros on the Havit keyboard. First, you will have to install a driver from the Havit website. Then assign the macro to your preferred keys.Does Havit have SoftwareYes, Havit accessories ( including their mouse) have software that helps with their performance. Also known as drivers, these files can be found on the Havit website. If you want to install these drivers, make sure you choose the files that suit your device. 1e1e36bf2d


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