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Gta Sa Player Img Original Download 2021

LINK ->>->>->>

Isn't it against the rules to just share files that help crack the .exe. The Player.img file is just the model, Anyways it is quiet a big file around 60mb something, If you can't find it anywhere and don't want to reinstall you can use the white Cj model which I think replaces the player model. I'm not very sure so if anyone else may have a better option

hello everybody im new and im dumb lolz i too also need the original player.img i did buy the disc and everything and i modded it and i did uninstall it but when i reinstalled the game the files stayed the same :< anyone out there that can help

guys why you so bad him hey man i know that you might found anythings to do but Iam here to tell anybody you can restore anyfile if you download the game as rar and extarct it all the files are there

Im trying to mod some of the clothes in GTA: SA and when I try to open the player.img file it says the disc image file is corrupted. I tried reinstalling GTA: SA and it didnt work.. does anyone know how to fix this 1e1e36bf2d


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